MBSR Program Info

Course structure

Each session will include 3 components:

Experiential:  Participants will be sitting in a circular setting wearing comfortable clothes. The experiential component takes place in the first hour and a half. It consists of a 45 minute instructional meditation with one of the following: Awareness of Breathing, the Body Scan or Sitting Meditation… and… a thirty-minute mindful movement of either Yoga, Qigong or Walking Meditation. The object is to develop non-judgmental, moment to moment awareness of the relationship between the body and mind

Didactic:  Through lectures and discussions, participants learn how habitual reactions to stress create anxiety, depression, and illness and learn how to change their response to stress.

Group support:  The last hour of the session is for group support. There will be time for personal sharing and questions. Each person will have an opportunity to discuss their daily practice.

Course Benefits

  • Cultivate deeper levels of understanding and compassion in relation to your health and  become more responsible and active in the management of your own health and well-being.
  • Learn skills to reduce symptoms associated with stress and anxiety.
  • Learn specific meditation practices and mindful movement as a routine to improve the  management of symptoms and quality of life.
  • Learn communication skills to improve relationships with family, friends, health care  providers, and in their work environment.
  • Have an improved sense of well-being and personal life control.
  • Improve one’s ability to live and cope with chronic pain, illness and stress-related conditions. The program is designed to help one get the most out of life, even in the midst of stress, pain and illness.
  •  Become more responsible and active in the management of one’s health.
  • Decrease, if appropriate and possible, the use of prescription and non-prescription medications.
  • Understand the physiology of meditation and the “relaxation/mindfulness response.”
  • Learn the physiologic, psychological and clinical benefits of meditation.
  • Experience non-judgmental, moment to moment awareness, of the relationship between the body and mind.
  • Health professionals will learn stress reduction skills to help patients and their families better manage stress, fear, anger, anxiety, and depression that are related to illness.

Course Overview

  • The program is six weeks long, including a silent retreat.
  • Participants meet for two and a half hours weekly.
  • Participants practice at home with a 30 minute CD daily (body scan, meditation or yoga).
  • All necessary audio and workbooks are provided
  • Participants read the course text: Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D.

 Certified Instructor, UMass Medical School: Gayle Wilson

Course Testimonials

“The program has helped me to learn methods of relaxation that are beneficial to my overall well-being by responding instead of reacting to stressful situations. By responding, the body’s ‘flight or fight’ response is not activated, therefore decreasing the effects of negative stress on my body. The program has also increased my awareness of the Mind-Body Connection. I am sharing much of what I have learned with the patients I encounter in my work as a RN. I think it can be beneficial for any health professional looking for alternative methods of healing or adjuncts to traditional medicine. It has reinforced my belief that there is a mind-body connection and healing is possible because of this connection.”   –Rose Torres, RN

“Jon Kabat-Zinn’s excellent text, the workbook for daily practice, and Gayle Wilson’s patient, structured, and kind leadership are a most successful combination! The MBSR course is well-designed with a balance of valuable readings, practical exercises, informal talks, group support, and guiding CD’s for home practice. All of these lead active participants through a process that can result in real personal transformation, healing from stress and awakening to a healthier way of living.” –Arthur Molho, Ph.D., retired psychologist

“Chronic pain, both emotional and physical has become epidemic. Western and Eastern medicine seem to offer only temporary relief. I have taken the 8 week MBSR course twice in the past 4 years. The course has changed the way my mind and body respond to pain. Learning my pain was worsened by my own dread and resistance to it, was the first step. Incorporating the Mindfulness techniques such as body scans, yoga and meditation into my daily routine has given me a centeredness and peace of mind I never knew was possible before the class. I was thrilled to hear Gayle was teaching MBSR in Placerville. Her patience and gentle nature are a perfect fit for MBSR instruction. I highly recommend the course and the instructor!” –Robin Kennedy, Ph.D, MSW, CSUS Professor, Social Work

Course Tuition

$300 includes 6 weeks (20 hours of instruction), guided meditation and mindful movement CD’s for home practice, a workbook, class materials, and a Silent Retreat.